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*, *november 19th, 20 gold stars, a little support, a zombpire revolution, an ugly green tub, anatomically correct hearts, ankle biters, ashley!, barnacled for life, being good italians, being thinky, big dumb grins, boo, bringing chivalry back, cashing in rain checks, chic pea, cinematography, cooking cajun, dogs in costume, e-sweatshirt, elevator kisses, every flaw is perfect, fighting back, flipping tables jersey style, for better or hearse, frank being badass, franks one upping, franksexual, gerard who?, geriatrics, getting leid, getting revenge, halloween on christmas, hmmphing, hopeless romantics, iloveyou iloveyou iloveyou, infinity forevers, jack and sally, jess being hardcore!!, jess favoring peppers, jess' bdsm dungeon, jessbian, jesus (the-vampire-hunter), just for you, just my size, leathaaaaa, leg knots, life size frankenstein, love doesn't suck, luigi, made for each other, making lists, mall goths, mall punks, mind vomit, new york is ours, not bondage shorts, not boner kills, not keeping quiet, only gay onstage, orbiting frank, pandog, pants that fit!, peppers doesn't smell!!, power eyes, pre-bedtime war, professor buckley's plotting, pulling a bitch, puppy napping, purity!!!, remembering always, reverse spoon, running away with skiba, sassafras, scoot, snaggles and koala, some e-card conversations, spinach dip, stretching out sweaters, team jessie's boobs, the babies, the evil twin, the jesus channel, the original texas chainsaw, the origliasso test, two slices of cheese, vegan cupcakes, warnabrotha, water conservation, waterbed theories, xoxo, xx
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